Take Control of Your WMC Electronic Program Guide and more!

EPG123, along with Schedules Direct, is the most reliable and accurate TV listings provider for Windows Media Center or other DVR/PVR appliances that accept XMLTV files.

What is EPG123?

In July 2015, Microsoft decided to change the provider of the WMC guide listings to Rovi which was far inferior to what users were accustomed to with the previous provider Zap2it. EPG123 was developed to provide users an alternative to what Microsoft was providing by using Schedules Direct, which happens to use Gracenote as a source (the same source used by Zap2it).

In early 2020, Microsoft ended their guide support for all versions of WMC and EPG123 was ready for anyone to keep using such an excellent DVR/PVR.

Accurate and Reliable 

SD/Gracenote has proven exceptional in providing accurate and reliable guide listings.

Database Maintenance

EPG123 will handle many WMC database maintenance functions that are no longer available from Microsoft to keep your WMC in top shape.

Useful Customizations

Many tools to customize not only how the guide looks, but also customizations to the guide data and some WMC functionality.

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