Download WMC for Win8.1/Win10/Win11

NOTE: If your machine already has WMC installed from a previous community created package, it will need to be uninstalled prior to using this package. It is also critical to reboot the machine after the uninstall so that the msi installer can delete the old c:\windows\ehome folder if it is still present.

NOTE: CableCARD users are limited to using WMC on Win10 1511 and older. DRM protected channels will not work on newer versions of Windows10/11.

WMC Configuration: Pre-TV Setup

Prior to performing TV Setup, it is recommended to do the following in order to avoid WMC trying to contact the offline MS servers to download headend data for your country/postal code. This will also allow you to agree to the Program Guide Terms of Service without issue and will automatically enable the guide in the TV menu strip if you select 'I agree'.

  1. Open WMC and go to settings > General > Windows Media Center Setup > Set Up Internet Connection.
  2. Select 'No' to having an "always on" Internet connection.

NOTE: After TV Setup is complete, you can change the internet connection to always on if you desire. This is only recommended to be done prior to performing TV Setup.

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