Station Logos

The EPG123 Configuration GUI gives you the ability to customize and manage your station logos. Multiple 'Station Logos' windows can be open at a time. The left column contains the station logos that are available from Schedules Direct based on the preferred logo setting and the right column contains the logos currently present in the .\logos folder for each preferred logo. The 'Custom' logo will be used regardless of your preferred logo setting as long as the 'Include station logos in .\logos folder' option is enabled.

  1. Click in the Logo column of the station to change.
  2. Drag-and-Drop the preferred logo image to a frame on the right side of the window from either the same or another 'Station Logos' window, a file, or even a webpage.
  3. Close the 'Station Logos' window when done.

NOTE: Changes to the logos will not be seen in WMC until a new MXF file has been created and imported. When done, click the [Save & Execute] button or wait until after the next scheduled task has executed.

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