Digital Rights Management (DRM)

For those that use CableCARD™ and are having difficulty installing or setting up DRM in WMC, the following files are provided to aid in that effort. Your Windows version should be at least Win7 SP1.

Digital Cable Advisor is needed to verify your hardware is DRM compliant and is needed to watch any protected channels from your cable provider. DCA may not be installed in WMC initially so the below files can be used to install it yourself.


PlayReady is needed to actually watch/record DRM content within WMC. If PlayReady will not installed during WMC TV Setup for some reason, these install files may make a difference.

PlayReadyPC_x86.msi (v1.3.0)
PlayReadyPC_x64.msi (v1.3.0)
PlayReadyPC_x86_v1.3.10.msi (v1.3.10)
PlayReadyPC_x64_v1.3.10.msi (v1.3.10)

ResetDRM is a tool Microsoft provided for Vista Media Center but can be used for Win7 and Win8. Since the ResetDRM installation package would only install on Vista machines, the extracted CleanDRM.exe file has been extracted so you don't have to it yourself. This tool may help with getting PlayReady to work if you are having problems. I have included a .cmd script for your convenience to run as administrator. (CleanDRM.exe already extracted)

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