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Some OTA users will have missing channels once the TV Setup scanning has completed. This is due to Windows Media Center on Windows 7 not scanning the VHF frequencies (RF channels 2 - 13) during setup for ATSC signals. For those missing channels, it will be necessary to manually add them.

For missing ATSC channels, you will need to determine what the missing station RF channel is, along with what the virtual channel is, by looking that information up online, or using another source such as the tuner itself and its' software package. Some online resources include TV Fool, AntennaWeb, and RabbitEars.

For missing ClearQAM channels, you will need to determine the digital channel and physical channel from the tuner and its' software package.

Within WMC, you can manually add  channels by going to settings > TV > Guide > Add Missing Channels from the Tasks menu strip and enter the appropriate information. Within EPG123, you can manually add channels as well. DVB and ISDB channels are not supported at this time.

NOTE: The ability to add channels in EPG123 will not be available while performing a Client Setup. You can perform the channel additions manually within WMC during Step 2: TV Setup or wait until after setup is complete.

    EPG123 Method
  1. Open the EPG123 Client and click the green '+' button. You may have to expand the GUI to see the button.
  2. Select the tuner group in the pulldown combobox and enter the physical/virtual channel numbers as needed. The callsign field can be left blank. Click the [Add Channel] button.
  3. Repeat step 2 as necessary.
  4. When done adding all channels, close the form using the 'X' button.

NOTE: Guide listings for the new channels will be empty when first created. To map guide listings to the new channels, refer to Map Listings.

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