Step 3: EPG123 Server Setup

A Schedules Direct membership ($25USD/year, 7-day free trial) needs to be established prior to this step. There is no configuration to perform on their website which only manages the XML server (SD-DD); EPG123 uses their JSON server (SD-JSON).

  1. If the ‘Automatically proceed to next step’ option is not active, click the [Step 3: Configure] button when it is enabled to open the EPG123 Configuration program.
  2. Enter the Login Name and Password of the Schedules Direct account to be used and click the [Login] button.

  3. Subscribe Lineups to Schedules Direct Account
  4. If there are no lineups associated with the account, the ‘Subscribed Lineups’ window will be presented automatically. If there are already lineups associated with the account and changes are desired, click the [Lineups] button. Otherwise, proceed to step 9.

WARNING: Schedules Direct limits the number of lineup additions to a maximum of 6 in any 24-hour period. Ensure all the desired lineups are subscribed to within that limitation. The number of lineup additions will only be incremented once step 8 is completed by clicking the [Apply & Exit] button.

  1. Click the [Add New] control button to bring up the ‘Lineup Search’ window.
  2. Select the Country and enter the Postal Code of the lineups to search for and click the [Fetch] button.
  3. Double-Click the desired lineup to add from the fetch results. You can preview the channels of any lineups by right-clicking the lineup names.
  4. Repeat steps 4 – 6 as necessary to subscribe to as many lineups your Schedules Direct account allows.
  5. Click the [Apply & Exit] button on the ‘Subscribed Lineups’ window.

  6. Select Stations to Download
  7. Ensure each lineup to download stations from is included in the guide download. The selection will be identified by both the green bubble on the toolstrip and the checkmark by the ‘Include’ menu item.
  1. For each subscribed lineup in the pulldown combobox, select the desired stations to download guide information for by checking the box next to the station call sign.

NOTE: Stations that are common within and between subscribed lineups are linked. This means that if a station is selected for download in one lineup, it will also be selected in the other lineup(s). The same is true when a station is de-selected.

NOTE: Be aware of stations assigned to the same channel number. Sometimes a provider will list both SD and HD stations on the same channel. For the most accurate guide, only select the station that is appropriate to your specific source.

    Select Configuration Options
  1. In the Configuration and XMLTV tabs, set the parameters according to the desired usage and outcome. The recommended options for most users are preselected. Refer to EPG123 Options to see definitions of each option.
  2. Configure the completion activities for when EPG123 has finished building the MXF file. These options are only available if the EPG123 Client software has been installed and WMC is present on the host computer.
  1. Click the [Save & Execute] button to save the configuration and immediately start downloading guide data to perform the update as configured.

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